Large wire cloches Crocus green - set of 3

Ø31.5 × H28.5cm £37.99
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  • Stackable for neat and compact storage
  • Steel wire handwoven around a steel frame
  • Woven hole to accommodate support canes

These compact cloches are part of our new range of smaller accessories designed to fit pots as well as beds and borders.

Made from steel wire woven seamlessly around a rod frame, they are excellent for keeping out pets, birds and other wildlife. Great for young dahlias, vegetable seedlings and emerging bulbs.

Cleverly detailed, each cloche has a hole on top large enough to push a bamboo cane through, so you can support young plants as they grow.

Supplied as a set of three, they can be stacked neatly on top of one another for storage. We also have a slightly smaller set designed for smaller plants or pots (sold separately). The steel is finished in our signature Crocus green powder coat.

Ø31.5cm x H28.5cm (inc. 3cm feet)
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