Premium tree planting kit with softwood stake

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  • Standard £5.95
  • Support stake & tie to prevent wind rock
  • Mycorrhizal fungi for faster establishment
  • Biodegradable tree guard to protect from wildlife

Any new tree is a significant investment in the garden, so the more you can do to help it settle in, the better!

We’ve put together this 5-piece planting and aftercare kit to help you create the right conditions for a brand new tree. Supporting it from the roots up, helping it anchor firmly into its new spot, boosting nutrient and water uptake, feeding it well and protecting it from wildlife.

  • 1 x softwood stake 1.2m
  • Round 35mm stake made from sustainable FSC timber. Pressure treated and coated with non-toxic preservative for longevity.
  • 1 x environmentally friendly tree tie 30cm
  • Easy to use and super soft so it won’t damage bark. Made from flexible rubber with plenty of stretch. Trees are allowed to move a little, encouraging them to build their own wind resistance by growing fibrous roots.
  • 1 x Empathy RHS Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi 60g
  • Sprinkled onto roots or into the planting hole, mycorrhizal fungi will attach to the tree’s roots over the next 2-4 weeks, effectively acting as root extensions. Benefits include better pest and drought resistance, improved water and nutrient uptake, enhanced flowering and fruiting, and easier establishment in difficult soils.
  • 1 x Empathy biofertiliser 200g
  • Organic seaweed-based feed for trees and shrubs with added beneficial bacteria. Helps to boost soil fertility while plants are establishing and supplies nutrients to encourage strong early growth. Can be applied throughout the growing season.
  • 1 x biodegradable spiral tree guard
  • Spiral tree guard made from 100% biodegradable materials. Independently tested to degrade naturally after 4-5 years, giving new trees plenty of time to establish. The remaining material can then be commercially composted.