Hefty bulb planter - Crocus by DeWit

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  • Tapered cone makes it easy to remove soil plugs
  • Extremely robust one piece steel handle
  • Lifetime guarantee

Introducing our beast of a bulb planter! This is another of our own designs built in partnership with DeWit. It’s not the shiniest, we know, but don’t let that put you off. We’ve gone right back to basics and made a heavyweight practical tool with good old-fashioned clout.

If you’ve had a go with regular bulb planters but find them a bit flimsy, awkward to use or not up to the job in your soil, we think you’ll find this much better.

The digging cone has a sharp beveled cutting edge to bite through soil and any roots getting in your way. You can give it a twist as you push it down for even more oomph (we find that produces a really neat cut).

Once you’ve dug a hole, the tapered shape makes it easy to empty for the next one. Turn the tool upside down and depending on your soil, it’ll either tumble out or you can prod it out.

The handle is a single piece of steel tube bent into shape so there aren’t any joins or weak spots. We’ve used heavy-duty welds to keep the cone in place so you won’t need to hold back when stamping it down.

A rubber coating on the treads gives you extra grip and a little cushioning. You can use the planter left or right-footed, so if you’ve lots to plant and are feeling the strain you can always switch feet.

Available in two sizes, the smaller is just right for small bulbs like crocus and snowdrops while the larger is best for your bigger bulbs and plug plants. Supplied with our lifetime guarantee.

Overall height 105cm
Cone Ø8cm (top) / Ø4cm (bottom)

Overall height 106cm
Cone Ø10.5cm (top) / Ø6cm (bottom)