Essential tree planting kit with softwood stake

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  • Standard £5.95
  • FSC wood support stake prevents root disturbance
  • Flexi tree tie encourages natural wind resistance
  • Mycorrhizal fungi boosts nutrient and water uptake

Look after newly planted trees and get them off to the best possible start with our 3-piece tree planting kit.

Robust support in the early days is a must, allowing trees time to develop healthy root systems without disturbance. Strong roots will anchor a tree firmly in place and optimise its uptake of nutrients, making it more vigorous and resilient for life.

The kit includes all you need to give trees a firm foundation:
  • 1 x softwood stake 1.2m
  • Round 35mm stake made from sustainable FSC timber. Pressure treated and coated with non-toxic preservative for longevity.
  • 1 x environmentally friendly tree tie 30cm
  • Easy to use and super soft so it won’t damage bark. Made from flexible rubber with plenty of stretch. Trees are allowed to move a little, encouraging them to build their own wind resistance by growing fibrous roots.
  • 1 x Empathy RHS Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi 60g
  • Sprinkled onto roots or into the planting hole, mycorrhizal fungi will attach to the tree’s roots over the next 2-4 weeks, effectively acting as root extensions. Benefits include better pest and drought resistance, improved water and nutrient uptake, enhanced flowering and fruiting, and easier establishment in difficult soils.