Drop planter - ash grey

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These tall drop planters work best as standalone focal points with room around them to shine. Available in three sizes and two shades, they’re great for adding a ‘pop’ of plants to spaces in need of some colour. We like them on a top step filled with arching perennials or grasses.

Made of glass fibre reinforced concrete, the planters replicate the look of stone but are considerably lighter. The material is created in a single layer and won't delaminate or separate over time nor develop ‘spider web’ cracks. It’s also been internally tested to withstand a wide range of worldwide weather conditions, so a British winter holds no fear!

The aged effect is produced by chemical reactions in the concrete, rather than surface paint. As the colour runs throughout the material, it’s impervious to sun and rain and won’t fade. A sealant is applied in the same way, permeating the pot to protect it from frost.

Each planter has a 3cm drainage hole ready for outdoor use and comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Ø39cm x H46cm / weight 10kg
Ø56cm x H56cm / weight 16kg
Ø67cm x H67cm / weight 24kg
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