Biodegradable indoor plant support pole

50cm pole £6.99
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Sturdy plastic-free indoor plant support made from sustainable potato waste and elephant grass. A great alternative to PVC-based moss poles, these are 100% biodegradable with a natural look that perfectly complements indoor greenery.

Like moss poles they retain water (you can water plants through the top), and the rough bark-like surface lets climbing and vining plants grip on as they grow.

The poles are produced in Netherlands from locally grown and sourced material. This keeps their air miles very low, adding to their eco-friendly credentials.

Available in a choice of sizes. We also stock separate packs of clips (just push them into the pole’s perforated slots), as well as pole connectors so you can join two poles to support larger plants.

We’ve found the best way to use the connector is to roll it up tightly and push it inside one pole so you can slot on the other. It can be used with both the 50cm and 75cm poles.

50cm pole - Ø3.2cm x H50cm
75cm pole - Ø4cm x H75cm