For Peat's Sake expanding compost

3 litres £5.99
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  • Light and compact single pot block
  • Renewably sourced from waste coconut husks
  • Promotes healthy root growth

A mini 140g block of peat-free dehydrated coir compost, just right for a single pot. Simply add 750ml of water, wait for it to expand and plant.

Sustainably sourced from eco-friendly coconut husks, coir has a light, open structure that promotes healthy root growth with good drainage, air flow and water retention.

The fibres have a high cation exchange capacity, meaning they absorb, store and release nutrients very effectively, reducing nutrient leaching and helping plants absorb food more efficiently.

The coconuts are harvested from mature trees, rather than newly planted monocultures, and the compost is produced from discarded pith that would otherwise go to waste.

Coconuts are picked every 45 days, leaving the trees to continue to grow, making this an incredibly renewable resource. The compressed blocks are also extremely efficient to transport, with 11,000 litres of compost fitting on just 1 pallet (2-5 times as much as regular plastic sacks).

Makes up to 3 litres of compost when rehydrated. Ideal for a single medium-sized pot or terrarium, or adding to a compost mix.

Please be aware no fertilisers are added to the mix, so for best growing results use your choice of organic plant feed.