• Eventual height: 0.15m
  • Eventual spread: 0.2m

Primula 'Eclipse Red'


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This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: Full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: Moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: Average to fast
  • Flowering period: January to April
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy

A vibrant, early spring primrose forming a basal rosette of simple dark-green leaves with clusters of yellow-cream picotee-edged scarlet blooms embellished with a broad sunny centre. 'Eclipse Red Rim' will brighten the gloomiest of the late winter months with fiery flowers heralding the warmer months to come. These easy to grow and robust perennials will charm year after year in borders or patio pots in a sunny or partially shaded spot.

  • Garden care:
    Plant out in a partially shaded and sheltered position, adding plenty of leaf mould and compost to the planting hole and backfill. Water well until established. Divide large clumps in late spring or early summer after the plant has flowered, preferably during a wet spell.
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