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  • Friendly bug barn

Friendly bug barn


  • Suitable for multiple insect species
  • FSC-certified timber
  • Ideal for ladybird larvae

This inviting timber house provides a comfortable home for beneficial insects including ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees that will pollinate your plants and control aphids and other pests.

Made from sustainable timber with a variety of textures, nooks and hollows, it makes a suitable habitat for multiple species to live in harmony. The chunky split log walls are thick and well insulated to provide a safe and cosy sanctuary, while the lift-up lid makes it easy to fill with nesting material such as bark or straw for additional comfort.

The barn also includes holes and bee tubes which can be used by pollinating bees such as mason bees or leafcutter bees. Just position next to a lawn or sheltered flower bed or even inside a planter and wait for your friendly insect neighbours to move in.

W14cm x L12.8cm x H23.8cm